About Kai


Kai is a Toronto based stage manager. Born in Taipei, Taiwan, his parents sent him to a boarding school in Sussex, England at a very young age.  It was there where he first became fascinated with the arts.   As part of the ESL classes, he participated in numerous trips to watch plays and musicals at London's West End.  He focused his studies on music, drama, and arts during his GCSE and A-Level's.  However, he never thought about a career in the theatre at the time.   He wanted to be a composer, and went on to Trinity College of Music in London to focus on his music. 

Kai transferred his study to McGill University in Montreal when his family immigrated to Canada in 2004.  It was there where he discovered the world of theatre from backstage when he took a class in theatre production.  During his first dress rehearsal at the university production, he was taken aback by all the talents from different artistic skill sets coming together to make a moment happen, and moment by moment, into a story that can inspire people.  Theatre was something bigger.  He quickly realized he enjoys working with people and life as a musician, practicing in a little cubical 10 hours a day was too lonely.  After completing his Bachelor of Music in Composition, he decided to apply for the Production Program at The National Theatre School of Canada in Montreal.  And the rest is history. 

Since graduating from the NTS, Kai has worked throughout Canada from St John's Newfoundland in the East to Vancouver British Colombia in the West, and in London UK.  With his background in music, Kai is highly skilled at score reading and with his perfect pitch ability; you will never have to worry about him missing a lighting cue on your new complicated atonal opera.  But you'll have to hire him first! :)